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About Mauricio Garcia.

Mauricio Garcia is a perfumer and certified aromatherapist based in San Francisco, California. His fascination with the botanical world began in his Abuela’s small, yet flourishing garden in foggy South San Francisco: the fruit trees and the roses, the yerba buena and other herbs that grew in clay pots, the wall of fragrant Jasminum polyanthum that seemed to always be blooming.

After devouring every book he could on herbalism, folklore, the occult and witchcraft at local libraries and bookstores, he began an apprenticeship with a local herbalist in 2005.

In 2011, he graduated from San Jose State University with degrees in Journalism and Graphic Design, with a minor in Complementary and Alternative Health Practices research. He was quickly drawn into the natural beauty industry, where he grew his career and specialization until he was called to transition into the world of fine fragrance.

In 2017, he became a founding team member at Ministry of Scent (launching 2019) as creative director.

Herbcraft Perfumery was originally Herbcraft Skincare (founded 2014), an herbal skincare line that focused on nourishing, plant-based formulas. After long consideration, and a particularly vivid dream, Herbcraft Perfumery was conceived. Each Herbcraft fragrance captures the essence of a particular spirit of situation or space using botanical and fragrant materials of the highest quality, along with traditional and inventive perfume (as well as more esoteric) techniques.

Through Herbcraft Perfumery, Mauricio teaches classes and workshops on perfumery, aromatherapy and witchcraft, as well as formulates bespoke enchantments and fragrances for individuals and indie product lines.