6 Latino-Owned Perfume Brands You Should Know About

“Perfumer Mauricio Garcia’s path as a perfumer began “in his Abuela’s small, yet flourishing garden in foggy South San Francisco,” and since then, he has combined the witchy and the wild into making perfumes that carry in them not only the promise of beautiful scents, but also the intentionality of magic. Ceremonia smells like incense and roses, and is meant to cast a protective circle around the wearer…”

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LA Magazine

Here Are the 12 Best Things to Do in L.A. in January 2019

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Harry Potter’s Herbology courses, it’s that plants and magic go together like peanut butter and jelly. Brave souls can learn to “conjure botanical spirits” alongside perfumer and practicing witch Mauricio Garcia at Chinatown’s Institute for Art and Olfaction. The two-hour class is open to all levels.”

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