The Perfumes

Bewitching handcrafted natural perfumes: beautiful botanicals blended into unique enchantments.
Herbcraft Perfumery fragrances often take one of two natures:

1741AE nightshade copy.png

Spirits of Situation

These fragrances conjure, amplify or inspire situational shifts. These may occur within the wearer, or around them—shifting energy, unraveling inhibitions, inducing dreams. They may inspire memories in the wearer, or desires; filling the room with longing, peace, hunger, moonlight.

The fragrances in this collection are:

1740AZ foxglove copy.png

Spirits of Space

These fragrances invoke and shape the energetic and physical space around the wearer. They call forth the circle of ritual candle light and the shadows that press against its boundaries, they raise the darkness and silence of sacred wild places and echo with the songs of distant stars.

The fragrances in this collection are: